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Hello there great evening, if you want Lunch Boxes item, right now you might be in appropriate place. You happen to be examining Retro Metal Lunchbox write-up. As well as in this particular Retro Metal Lunchbox submit I really hope you will discover valuable facts before you decide to invest in Lunch Boxes merchandise. Presently I wish to talk about to you details details about Retro Metal Lunchbox. With regard to small facts that Retro Metal Lunchbox item is done through Koncar & Co. firm.

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This retro lunchbox is a great way to carry your lunch on the go. It’s durable, stylish, perfectly sized, and easy to clean. A Koncar & Co. lunchbox offers many advantages over more pedestrian offerings:

1. It is built to last. All three of my kids’ store-bought lunchboxes were starting to come apart at the seams after just a few months of school. Every year I’d curse their low-quality, high-cost wastefulness and decided to do something about it. This lunchbox is the result. This lunchbox will last longer than any other sold today.

2. It is easy to clean. Just wipe it down with a rag or spray it with your sink hose and leave it open to air dry.

3. It is recyclable and repairable. Should it fall under the wheels of a passing semi truck and be crushed, you can recycle the metal parts. Should something else happen to any component, the rivets are easily drilled out and the component replaced.

4. It is safe. The aluminum is alloy 5052, a food safe formulation. Contrast this with a vintage lunchbox, which will likely have a lead-based finish applied. Initially, the aluminum will show finger smudges and need to be wiped to eliminate them if they bother you. But, rather quickly with use, the aluminum will develop a smoother, shinier patina that won’t show smudges (and looks awesome!).

5. Quite simply, it is the coolest lunchbox you can buy. It will start conversations every time you carry it in public. You can’t buy this level of awesomeness from a factory, because if you could it would be everywhere around you. This brand of cool is made by hand.

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